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Washington Redskins Sign Devery Henderson

And Donte Stallworth!!!

Ronald Martinez

The Washington Redskins signed former Saints wide receiver Devery Henderson yesterday, news that completely slipped past me until just now.

I have no idea how I missed it. Obviously, I would have made mention of it earlier, so my apologies. It's news certainly worthy of it's own front page post. Our buddy Andrew Juge thought I was just too upset about the signing to even acknowledge it.

Perhaps I should have my blogging license revoked. Or perhaps that shows just how little Who Dat Nation cares about Henderson these days, that a bigger deal wasn't made of this news.

Either way, I wish Devery the best. Fortunately the Saints don't play the Redskins this year so we don't have to worry about this signing coming back to bite the Saints in the ass.

While we're on the subject, the Redskins also signed another former Saints receiver yesterday, Donte Stallworth.

Wait, Donte is still in the league!?