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New Orleans Saints History: Saints Receive Super Bowl Rings

On this day in Saints history, June 16, 2010...

Chris Graythen

Three years ago today, at a ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, the entire Saints organization were presented with their Super Bowl XLIV Championship rings.

The Tiffany rings valued at an estimated $30,000 were handcrafted in yellow gold featuring the New Orleans Saints fleur-de-lis logo set with round diamonds. 'World Champions' is bezel set with eight diamonds on the top of the ring.

The best way to remember this moment is to re-read all the original player tweets from that day, which can be found in my June 17th, 2010 story on the ceremony. I am re-sharing all of them below. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.


jgoody76 I already look like a million bucks! So imagine what i'm gonna look like tonight when I get that super bowl ring.

LanceMoore16 Up early and feeling good. We have our last ota practice today, and we're getting our Super Bowl rings tonight. Everyone have a good day!

iWillSmith Last day of OTA practice.. SUPER BOWL RING ceremony tonight.

dmpressley I'm going to make this Super Bowl Ring look good

Pierre_Thomas RING Ceremony today!! Who Dat!!

ChaseDaniel Last OTA practice today, then ring ceremony tonight!

TylerLorenzen Getting the ring tonight!

sharper42 Bling bling

sharper42 Ring ceremony tonight.

dmpressley Fresh cut! Now waiting on my Ring!

j_bushrod7475 Just gimme the RING already... This waitin is killin me!!!!

Pierre_Thomas my hand is about to feel so heavy in a few hours...haha

HeathEvans Tonight is the nite we get the "Rock" we all worked so hard for! Tonight will be a special night in Saints history. WHO DAT!!

dmpressley #whenigetmyring I'm Not even pumping gas with it

T_Porter22 Getting ready for the ring ceremony...#exciting..#honored...#blessed...

MalcolmJenkins Cant wait to get this ring tonight !!!!!

dmpressley Jus got pulled over for rolling stop at stop sign...#wenigetmyring I'm going to PULL HIM OVER!!!!!

jgoody76 So excited! How do I look?


jgoody76 Full effect! Lol


JeremyShockey Ring ceremony with my MOM in an hr... shes the perfect date]]]]]] hope everyone has a great night i know i will..

JeremyShockey Ill post something for all of you asap

FletcherMackel Funny moment here at Saints ring ceremony. LB Jonathan Casillas walking up and fans cheering 'Pierre'...thinking he's Pierre Thomas.

FletcherMackel Fujita and Mike Bell here at ring ceremony.

jeffduncantp Yes. But they won't be cheap. @srevolution Will fans be able to purchase replica (or authentic) rings?

FletcherMackel Pierre Thomas has arrived at ring ceremony...the holdout ends for 1 night.

wwltvsports @ Saints ring ceremony: Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell, Roman Harper, Scott Fujita. No sight of Jammal Brown. Reggie Bush showed up late sans date

wwltvsports R Harper on tender signing: "it was what it was and now it is what it is."

Adam_Schefter Focus soon shifts to a Two Dat. RT @espnnfl: New Orleans Saints celebrate title again with ring ceremony:

wwltvsports #Saints SB44 ring picture No. 1


(via tweetphoto)

wwltvsports #Saints SB44 ring picture No. 2


(via tweetphoto)

jgoody76 U see it


dmpressley Having fun already!

jgoody76 Hey still waiting!


jgoody76 Our rings!


jgoody76 My bad I was playin! We still waiting! Forgive me please!

jgoody76 Forgive me who dat's. Wanted to make sure u guys were on your toes. You are the best fans in the world! Gotta go a new video coming on!

dmpressley Is coming!! Stay tuned!!!

T_Porter22 I'm bout to get my ring!!!!!!



TylerLorenzen this is unreal


T_Porter22 GOT IT!!!! OMG!!!!

dmpressley Yea #90 yea!


ChaseDaniel Super Bowl XLIV Champions!!!


usama_young28 We got the rings! Here is Dunbar showin his off


(via tweetphoto)

JeremyShockey Wow what a great RING.. good Luck everyone!! Try to get 1... what a great goal to reach.... Night Night ill br sleeping with

JeremyShockey Srry my pics dont work.. im working on it!!!!!! WHO DAT

JeremyShockey Damn i cant post it.. my video blows.....

JeremyShockey Trust me peps will post it..

jeffduncantp For those still wanting to know, you can get a sneak preview of the #Saints SB44 ring at:

jeffduncantp Ive' heard somewhere around $14K. Fan replica ring is $4,700 from Tiffany. RT @EgoTr1p: @jeffduncantp What was the final price of the ring?

drewbrees My wife Brittany and I after our Super Bowl Ring party tonight. This is a special night. We love you New Orle

(via tweetphoto)

Pierre_Thomas super bowl champs baby!!


cgrant94 its about that time neworleans im on my way 2 the real ring party free at republic for the fans thanks for the support for 8yrs one love

cgrant94 Its fareal


(via tweetphoto)