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Jimmy Graham: A Tale of Two Seasons

Graham is at a crossroads of sorts as he looks toward the upcoming 2013 season.

Chris Graythen

Most Saints fans would consider last season a "down" year for tight end Jimmy Graham. A little ridiculous when you consider he put up 982 yards receiving and scored 9 touchdowns. Still, everything's relative, and compared to his record-breaking 2011 campaign those numbers actually were a drop off.

Which puts Graham at a crossroads of sorts as he looks toward the upcoming 2013 season. Down one path is a bounce back to another freakishly godlike year, complete with 1,200+ yards and 10+ touchdowns. Down the other is a return to normalcy, an above average performance at best with stats that stay within the stratosphere.

And therein lies one of this off-season's biggest questions: Which Jimmy Graham shall we expect to see in 2013? You could also ask the question another way: Was Jimmy Graham's 2011 season an anomaly? Either way, the answer is exactly what Saints fans everywhere are eager to learn this year.

As much as I hate to say it, my gut tells me we won't ever see anything from Graham like we did two years ago, so my confidence is tempered. It's also probably a bit unreasonable to expect. But I'm genuinely curious to know what all of you guys out there think. Leave your comments and cast your votes.