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New Orleans Saints History: Saints Move Offices from Lee Circle to Superdome

On this day in Saints history, June 5, 1979...


For the first twelve years of their franchise's existence, the New Orleans Saints conducted all business from their administrative offices located on Lee Circle, just on the edge of the city's Central Business District.

But on June 5, 1979, the team officially moved their administrative offices from Lee Circle to the Louisiana Superdome, slightly less than 4 years after the stadium was completed.

A Sports Illustrated article about John Mecom from December 1968 details the old Lee Circle offices:

The executive offices are downtown at Lee Circle in a three-story brown building with two floors of black iron-lace balconies. The building is next door to another building, which is covered with ivy except for the doors, windows-and turrets. A sign in front of that building says: U.S. OIL OF LOUISIANA, INC. That is another Mecom company, and the two buildings are connected by passageways.

The team's administrative offices are now located at their practice facility at 5800 Airline Drive.