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How (Not) to Read the Writing on the Wall

What's up with Jabari Greer? Our eighth contestant tries to answer this tough, nagging question.

Streeter Lecka

Our search for fresh new front page talent here on Canal Street Chronicles continues. In case you missed the introduction to our little talent search, be sure to read it first before continuing. Remember, any and all criticism must be 100% constructive and positive in nature. Keep Da Chronic classy!

Now I present to you the eighth submission of our writer search.


Since Sean Payton's new foray into the land of Twitter is likely to be less @thomasmorstead and more, well ... @SeanPayton ... those of us without spare beds at the New Orleans Saints training facility will continue to spend the offseason trying to make the most out of what little information we get. So when Coach Payton says we shouldn't read too much into training camp moves, the masses quickly ignore his advice and get to work trying to figure out what drastic changes are sweeping over our beloved Black 'n' Gold.

One matter that has been a topic of discussion recently is why cornerback Jabari Greer has been "demoted" to second team during the team's first OTA practice.

Is he still suffering ill effects from his concussion this past December? Are we really likely to see plenty of Patrick Robinson opposite Keenan Lewis while Greer stalks the sidelines? Should Jabari think about heading back to Buffalo, this time to play for former Saints OC Doug Marrone?

No, no, and no. Well, admittedly I don't have any inside information on whether or not Greer is suffering any ill effects after being pulled out during the first half of the week 16 game in Dallas, and not returning for the last game of the season against Carolina. But the Saints shifting things around a bit during the first OTA practice is by no means Jabari's harbinger of doom. Trust Payton on this one; even 20,000 pages of fan comments wouldn't uncover a conspiracy to shove Jabari Greer out the back door.

If anything, perhaps I could offer a ray of light to those fans who stick by #33 even after a systemically dismal defensive 2012 season. Since we must read something into everything our coaches say and do (can you imagine the discussions we'd see if Sean Payton switched from Juicy Fruit?), let's look at things from another, perhaps less obvious, angle. It is certainly possible that the genius of our coaching staff does indeed have a couple of reasons for putting Greer in with the second team after all ... reasons that point in quite the opposite direction being touted by the cornerback's doubters and critics. Knowing the leader and skilled player they have in Jabari Greer, it makes sense for our coaches to have him working with and helping out the guys who could benefit most from his experience during early OTA's.

Meanwhile, Rob Ryan is able to scrutinize Lewis and Robinson side by side, as they match up against a first team offense. Yes, every player hoping to make the Saints roster needs to have a sense of urgency, and must work hard to earn a place on a team that should make the playoffs this year. But - if these moves in early OTA's mean anything - Greer is likely the frontrunner in the cornerback race, and our personnel are simply trying to figure out where the other two will fit best in the new system.

(This is the first in a series of "How (not) to Read the Writing on the Wall," where the writer attempts to examine the Saints' current situation from an angle other than the mainstream perspective.)