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Video: Archie Manning Interviewed About 'Saints Mount Rushmore' on PFT

As a final nail in the coffin of the dead horse that is Mt. Saintsmore, I bring you this monument-related video including a phone interview with Archie Manning on Pro Football Talk.

What a regal profile!
What a regal profile!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Kuselias of interviews Archie Manning about the great Saints players in franchise history and tries to get him to name his Saints Mt. Rushmore boulderheads, but Archie tap dances around it. I'm not sure if it counts as waffling and weaseling, so you should watch and listen and decide for yourself.

I'll say this, Archie is really good at tap dancing. I think he must have learned a lot avoiding other teams' pass rush. When asked to name the best player he ever played with, he rattled off some aged expansion players who came before him (Doug Atkins, Jim Taylor, Gary Cuozzo, Billy Kilmer), and then some of Hank Stram's guys: Chuck Muncie, Tony Galbreath, Wes Chandler (Archie "Bum traded him to San Diego. Never knew quite why he did that.")

It's worth a few minutes of your time to listen to Archie drawl on a bit about his experiences, and he encapsulates his time with the team at about the 5-minute mark. I love listening to stuff like this. Nostalgia baths are nice...

CLICK HERE to watch!

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