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New Orleans Saints Podcast: Reid Gilbert on Bountygate, Roger Goodell and 2012 Saints

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Doug Pensinger

Reid Gilbert, author of Of Bread & Circuses, drops by the show to give you the best analysis of Bountygate you will get anywhere.

Before we get to 2013, Reid explains the mess Roger Goodell dropped on the 2012 Saints. You'll learn a ton of stuff you didn't know about Bountygate. Like how Mike Cerullo was even more of a whack job than we all thought, or how the NFL had even less evidence on the Saints than you thought, and how Reid believes the giant hole in the NFL's case against the Saints was the inability to show even one injury related to bounties.

Reid lays out why the media's conventional wisdom about Paul Tagliabue's Bountygate ruling is wrong, who he wished he could have interviewed and why Jonathan Vilma's hiring of Peter Ginsberg was brilliant and changed everything about the scandal. Reid also gives his thoughts on if Bountygate has caused long term damage to the Saints' organization.

He then gives his thoughts on the 2013 season and focuses on the secondary and why it $*#%(# sucks. He's also excited to see what the year off has done to Sean Payton.

Listen to this podcast below and then buy Reid's book. Get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.

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