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New Orleans Saints Offensive Tackle 2012 vs. 2013: Did They Improve?

The Saints were in a precarious position last season at offensive tackle. Not much has changed for this year.


As we enter into the final weeks of the 2013 off-season and inch closer to the start of training camp, we're examining this year's Saints roster to see if the front office's hard work in free agency and the draft has paid off. So we're going position by position to determine whether the team has improved in 2013 compared to last year.

We continue our series with the offensive tackle. Here's a look at last year's Saints roster and their current roster as it stands right now.



Jermon Bushrod, Charles Brown, Zach Strief, Marcel Jones


Charles Brown, Zach Strief, Jason Smith, Terron Armstead, Bryce Harris, Marcel Jones


Offensive tackle is probably the position that most worries me. There is little depth and a serious lack of experience. The Saints are an injury away from being royally screwed. Which isn't much different than last season. So it's difficult to determine which roster was better off. I don't see Jason Smith being an adequate replacement for Jermon Bushrod and Terron Armstead will probably need a year to get acquainted before contributing significantly. I'm also not sold on Charles Brown. The door is definitely cracked open for either Harris or Jones to make their mark, but unless something surprising happens, last year's squad might actually have been better.

The Edge: 2012

Do you agree or disagree? Am I worrying too much? Please talk me down from this ledge.