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New Orleans Saints Cornerbacks 2012 vs. 2013: Who Has The Edge?

The signing of Keenan Lewis alone should mean bigger and better things for the Saints' secondary in 2013.


As we enter into the final weeks of the 2013 off-season and inch closer to the start of training camp, we're examining this year's Saints roster to see if the front office's hard work in free agency and the draft has paid off. So we're going position by position to determine whether the team has improved in 2013 compared to last year.

We continue our series with the cornerback position. Here's a look at last year's Saints roster and their current roster as it stands right now.



Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson, Johnny Patrick, Corey White, Elbert Mack


Keenan Lewis, Jabari Greer, Patrick Robinson, Corey White, Chris Carr, Korey Lindsey, Dion Turner, Ryan Steed, Rod Sweeting


I think it's fair to say that signing Keenan Lewis, one of the top NFL free agent cornerbacks on the market this off-season, equals an instant upgrade for this unit. The Saints also parted ways with Johnny Patrick, who just wasn't cutting it on the field. Both moves alone should bode well for this secondary in 2013 and equal improvement.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure Patrick Robinson will ever live up to his first round draft pick status, but that's been par for the course his entire career. Nothing gained or lost there. Corey White, on the other hand, shows a bit of promise and could definitely provide quality depth.

The Edge: 2013

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