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Saints News 7/2/13: Saints Make Coaching Moves

Your daily collection of Saints-related news, quotes, opinion, and commentary. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Saints Promote Terry Fontenot to Director of Pro Scouting.





Ranking the New Orleans Saints' players: No. 14, Will Smith |
Smith to be Saints' primary pass rusher

New Orleans Saints question of the day: Can Will Smith make the transition to outside linebacker? |
The Saints moved Will Smith from defensive end to outside linebacker. Was that the right move?

New Orleans Saints schedule question of the day: Which Miami Dolphin poses the biggest threat to the Saints? |
The Miami Dolphins roll into New Orleans on Sept. 30.

New Orleans Saints Promote Terry Fontenot to Director of Pro Scouting
New Orleans Saints also name Jason Mitchell as an area scout and Paul Zimmer as college scouting coordinator

Most compelling games on the New Orleans Saints' schedule: No. 14, vs. Miami Dolphins |
Mike Wallace gives Miami explosive threat at receiver