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New Orleans Saints Centers/Guards 2012 vs. 2013: Did They Improve?

It's been status quo for the Saints' interior offensive line this off-season. But what does that mean for the upcoming 2013 campaign?

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

As we enter into the final weeks of the 2013 off-season and inch closer to the start of training camp, we're examining this year's Saints roster to see if the front office's hard work in free agency and the draft has paid off. So we're going position by position to determine whether the team has improved in 2013 compared to last year.

We conclude our series with the centers and guards. Here's a look at last year's Saints roster and their current roster as it stands right now.



Brian de la Puente (C), Jahri Evans (G), Ben Grubbs (G), Eric Olsen (C/G), Ricky Henry (G)


Brian de la Puente (C), Elliot Mealer (C), Jahri Evans (G), Ben Grubbs (G), Eric Olsen (G), Andrew Tiller (G), Ricky Henry (G), Tim Lelito (G), Jeremiah Warren (G)


It's been a very quiet off-season for Saints' interior offensive linemen. The same cast of characters return this year and no significant upgrades were made. I would expect to see the same exact faces on the final roster, with the possible exception of a surprise young player like Andrew Tiller. Considering the starting lineup of Evans, Grubbs and de la Puente are just another year older, I'd say this was a better unit last season.

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