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Saints Training Camp 2013: Time to Shine for Kenny Vaccaro, Saints Secondary

The landscape of the Saints secondary has changed quickly following yesterday's news that Roman Harper and Patrick Robinson were both placed on PUP to start their 2013 training camp. So now what?

Stacy Revere

I think we would all agree that the Saints secondary needs to show serious signs of improvement in 2013 during training camp. Unfortunately, the unit took a sizable step backward yesterday when the team placed safety Roman Harper and cornerback Patrick Robinson on the PUP list.

Before we go any further, please let me just say ... SON OF A @#&$#&(# BITCH MOTHER #*^$#( WHAT THE $#*#&$( THIS IS #$*&(#) @#^#*$#(!!!!

According to PUP rules, either player can come back to practice at any point prior to the season, but I'm not too optimistic about that happening, particularly in the case of Robinson. P-Rob is dealing with a knee injury sustained during minicamp this off-season. Meanwhile, Roman Harper's reason for landing on the PUP list is unspecified, just the way we like it.

Which means opportunity is knocking for Kenny Vaccaro, Jabari Greer and Corey White. With two first team level talents now completely missing training camp reps, those spots are wide open and for the taking.

Vaccaro has possibly the most to gain from Harper's absence. All the Roman Harper haters out there just creamed their pants. Yesterday was like their Christmas. As a first round draft pick, Vaccaro was already expected to contribute early. Now he's practically got no choice. We'll get to see what he's made of sooner rather than later. Which is good because I'm a very impatient man. Just ask my proctologist. Considering Vaccaro's pedigree, I'd expect him to embrace this situation and not flounder in confusion.

With Robinson out, it means Jabari Greer can breath a sigh of relief. A little bit of the heat is off him for the time being. Which should leave him more time to purse all that artsy crap he's into. If Greer plays well, he could really solidify himself as the No. 2 cornerback behind Keenan Lewis. Of course the same could be said for Corey White. He's the potential underdog story here. But at the very least, White probably steps into the starting nickel spot, which is a promotion.

Saints training camp is still a few days away but things are picking up steam, football-type events are starting to happen and it's making me tingly in my pants! Are you getting excited!?!?!?

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