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Saints Training Camp 2013 Preview Podcast

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Andrew Juge of the Saints Nation joins Ralph to preview training camp. They wonder if they were able to get Sean Payton drunk what would he say is the biggest worry heading into 2013. They also try to figure out what are the keys to the Saints offense returning to 2011 form.

Andrew breaks down the running game struggles and explains why depth at WR is a huge key to 2013. Ralph asks Andrew if there is anything the defense is capable of even being average at? Hint: Andrew's answer rhymes with 'Duck Bow.' Andrew also says for the 5,698th time how important the nose tackle is to the 3-4.

Ralph then rips bloggers who are already declaring the best of the Drew Brees/Sean Payton Era over. Juge also makes a surprising defense of Steve Spagnuolo. Andrew and Ralph then discuss which veteran might not make the final roster.
Ralph also tells how your donations to the podcast can improve the sound quality, buy beer, and get Kevin the horse steroids he needs to kick start his wrestling career.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.

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