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New Orleans Saints' Roster Top 25 Players: No. 19, Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan has the speed and big play ability to develop into one of the more exciting deep threats in the league, and has consequently earned the No. 19 spot on my New Orleans Saints' top 25 players.

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Joe Morgan proved his worth with several big plays in 2012.
Joe Morgan proved his worth with several big plays in 2012.

Despite only recording 10 receptions in 2012, Joseph Morgan has showed enough to give him the No. 19 rankings in my top 25 Saints players for 2013. As long as Morgan can avoid any more run-ins with the law, he should be a valuable component of the Saints' already potent offense. His ability to make difficult catches and stretch the field, as examined here, will be crucial to the Saints aerial attack. Even with just 10 receptions, Morgan still managed to gain 379 yards through the air for an astonishing 37.9 yards per catch. Due to Morgan's speed, one might think that those yards came from running free in the open field, but anyone who saw that Saints play the Buccaneers last year knows that isn't the case:

The excitement about Morgan started in the preseason of 2011 when Morgan had a very impressive punt return for a TD. In the return he showed great elusiveness and impressive speed, two qualities any fan loves to see in a young receiver. One facet of Morgan's game that has gone overlooked by many, however, is his blocking ability. Morgan was graded as Pro Football Focus's second best blocking wide receiver, making him even more of an asset.

You can be sure that defenses will be very mindful of Morgan's presence on the field in 2013, but it's safe to say that he will still make his fair share of big plays. Nick Toon will likely be more of a possession receiver than Morgan, but Morgan's impact on the vertical game will be equally important. To get even more excited about Joe Morgan's 2013 impact, check out this nice video someone made on his 2012 receptions.

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