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If Matt Ryan Quarterbacked the Saints

While praising the superiority of Drew Brees over Matt Ryan, Bobby Hebert said, "If Matt Ryan quarterbacked the Saints, he would not be able to lead them to the Super Bowl." Yet those first six words made me freeze.

Kevin C. Cox

While cruising down I-10 after work Thursday I had the radio tuned to WWL 870AM eagerly listening and anticipating any nuggets of information Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert may provide on training camp eve. The discussion then turned towards comparing Drew Brees to his three rival quarterbacks in the NFC South. While pontificating on the superiority of Brees, the Cajun Cannon uttered the disturbing phrase, "If Matt Ryan quarterbacked the Saints..."

My hands then started shaking and blood started rushing to my head. After turning on my right blinker I was getting ready to pull off the side of the highway before I was able to take a deep breath and regain my composure. I still needed a minute though to take in what the Cajun Cannon had just said, for those six words had just ramshacked my natural world order view. Could the Saints ever let somebody quarterback them who had Dirty Bird feathers on their hands?

To ensure that Hebert''s statement isn't taken out of context he actually said it to emphasize the superiority of Brees, elaborating that if Matt Ryan quarterbacked the Saints he would be unable to lead them to the Super Bowl as Brees has already done. While I certainly agree with the point that Hebert was making, hearing "If Matt Ryan quarterbacked the Saints" had taken me far out of my comfort zone. It was as if I had been presented with an alternate version of reality that I did not think was humanly possible, kind of like in Revenge of the Nerds II when during a mind altering experience, Ogre asked, "What if C-A-T spelled dog?"

The course that NFL teams are on can be changed dramatically by the draft and free agency. Both paths have been fruitful for the Falcons and Saints in landing a high valued signal caller. Yet as the Cajun Cannon has pointed out it has worked out better for the Saints. God forbid though if Drew Brees never made it to New Orleans, and if Matt Ryan quarterbacked the Saints, how far do you think he would be able to take them?