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Player Profile: Marques Colston, The Quiet Storm

How does one of the best wide receivers in the league break records without so much as a whimper from the press? Arguably a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, Marques Colston is playing the best game of his life.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Eight seasons, six of them over 1,000 yards receiving (the Saints franchise record). He accomplished this in 6 of his first 7 seasons, one of only a handful of NFL receivers to do so. He has accumulated over 7,300 yards in those eight seasons, tying him for the all-time leader in receiving for the franchise. Colston has recorded a reception in 70 consecutive games since 2008. In eight seasons, he has racked up 58 touchdowns. 168 receptions is the most of any NFL player in the first two seasons. In 2012, he went 83 receptions for 1,154 yards and 10 touchdowns. All of these productive qualifications for one of the best wide receivers in the NFL over 8 seasons. And nearly no one noticed.

This is one of the reasons Marques Colston has earned the nickname, "The Quiet Storm." Not only has no one really considered him elite outside of Who Dat Nation, but Colston himself would be the last to sing his own praises. I follow him on Twitter and have yet to see a tweet from his account. He does not relish trash talk, does not lead the team in the pre-game chants, and has rarely done an interview (I am going to work like crazy to be one of the first!).

So what, exactly, is at the root of Colston's ultra introverted demeanor? You could guess he is conceited, super shy, or just has no need to shout out across the NFL on social media or on the field of play. You could also guess Who Dat Nation has a different opinion than others in the stands of the NFL. Whatever the case, Colston has flown under the radar for 8 very productive seasons and has been a huge part of the New Orleans Saints success over the last several years, including their magical Super Bowl run in 2009. It can be argued that Marques Colston has had every bit as much to do with the success of the Saints as Drew Brees or Jonathan Vilma.

Would you believe this is a receiver drafted No. 252 overall in the seventh round of the 2006 NFL draft? The Saints have been notorious, more than nearly all other teams, at finding diamonds in the rough. Undrafted free agents and late round picks have been more beneficial to the team than first round picks. Let's not forget Drew Brees was the 'quarterback no one wanted.'

Colston was drafted out of Hofstra, a school not known for turning out NFL greats. High school, college, and now in the pros, Marques Colston has quietly produced at a higher level than most wide receivers in the NFL. He is one of a select few 7th round picks to start day one in the NFL. In fact, in his first season, Colston produced 70 receptions of 1,038 yards and 8 touchdowns. The Saints would finish 10-6 and make it to the title game that season.

Big name players in the NFL do everything they can to make themselves big names. Some make themselves into shows all their own (are you out there, Terrell Owens, Ochocinco?). Some will become premiere receivers and good humanitarians. Many NFL players, not just receivers, will live out other careers and retire never realizing greatness or the Hall of Fame. A select few, however, can do a little of everything. While Marques Colston is not a perennial Pro Bowler and may never play or have a chance at an MVP award in another Super Bowl, he does what he does like no other. Quietly making his presence felt at the expense of the secondary of nearly every NFL team, the Quiet Storm continues to dominate most coverages thrown at him. He continues to make his own statement. Play on the field scores points. Bad attitudes and arrogance cannot say the same.

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