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A Look At Some New Orleans Saints-Themed Fireworks

Boom goes the dynamite!! With 4th of July fireworks bursting in air and on my TV last night, I couldn't help but to connect some pointedly-named fireworks with the New Orleans Saints.

They're just not as impressive in the light of day, are they?
They're just not as impressive in the light of day, are they?
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning, Saints fans. I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day festivities yesterday and are either enjoying the second day of a long holiday weekend, or having a smooth transition back to work before your weekend really begins.

The pyrotechnics continue today as I share with you the fruits of my labor connecting current actual models of fireworks with the New Orleans Saints, so without further ado...

First up is one that honors the level of play of our all-world quarterback Drew Breeeeeeees!!


...and then the passing game itself:


One of Drew's favorite targets, Jimmy Graham...


And now let's hear it for Lance Moore!


Who can forget Sprolesy?


And our cross-dressing rookie Kenny Stills.


None of the magic could happen on offense without a clean center-QB exchange, so Viva De La Puente!!!


And for FPK's bow hunting prowess...


Moving over to the other side of the ball for a bit, here's an ode to the 2012 defense because, well, they STUNK ON ICE!!!


and took their fair share of well-deserved criticism:


In light of this, here's something crucial to RR's massive job for the 2013 defense...


This one seems fitting for the livin' large and self-styled nulaCEO, Junior Galette.


while Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper could use some of this:


Thanks for the memories, Dulymus!


And I can't post this last one without laughing uncontrollably - HAHAHAHAHA!!!


* * *

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!! Feel free to howl at my selections, or add your own in the comment section. Just praise J1000 that we have the freedom and the internet to do so - America, f*** yeah!!!