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CSC's 2013 NFL Divisional Predictions: The AFC East

The Patriots take the division crown for the fifth year in a row, but not in the fashion you'd expect. UPDATED 7/6/13 3:22 P.M. - Now with a poll!!!

Jared Wickerham

To keep up the conversation during the offseason, I am beginning a new series of 2013 NFL season prognostications here at Da Chronic. I will be making team win-loss predictions, with each division in the NFL being a separate post. We open up with the AFC East.

1. New England Patriots: 8-8

The Pats had a very lackluster offseason. They had a sub-par draft, lost three of the team's four top receivers, and are praying that Rob Gronkowski, one of the top tight ends in the game, will be ready at some point after the beginning of the season. Belichick and his army squeak out of the season with a .500 record and the fourth seed in the playoffs.

2. Miami Dolphins: 6-10

The Dolphins did a great job in the offseason by acquiring Mike Wallace, Philip Wheeler, Dannell Ellerbe, Brent Grimes and then drafted Dion Jordan. That won't be enough to overcome a tough schedule, though, as the Dolphins lose one more game than last season.

3. New York Jets: 5-11

Once again the Jets fail to meet expectations. They did add some new pieces (Chris Ivory, Dee Milliner, and Sheldon Richardson), but they didn't really add any more dynamic weapons for either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith. A sloppy offseason leads to poor results. Bold Prediction: Smith wins more games than Sanchez.

4. Buffalo Bills: 2-14

The Bills did some work in the offseason by getting 33 new players, one of which was quarterback Kevin Kolb. They drafted FSU quarterback E.J. Manuel and USC receiver Robert Woods as well. Nevertheless, the Bills suffer from another one of the more and more frequent, occasional "rebuilding" years. Brighter years should be ahead of the club.

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What are your thoughts on the AFC East for 2013?