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Saints Media Figures Earn LSWA Awards

The Louisiana Sports Writers Association handed out plenty of Shameless Self Promotion on June 30, and some of our known and beloved Saints beat poets and photographers took home some hardware. Now with extra snark!

What if this is Scooter Hobbs?
What if this is Scooter Hobbs?
Vince Caligiuri

The winners of the Louisiana Sports Writers Association 2012 writing contest were announced on Sunday, June 30, and in better-late-than-never, up-to-the-minute CSC coverage of Saints-related flotsam and jetsam, especially in the offseason, here is your coverage of the Saints-related, um, coverage that garnered accolades.


Jeff Duncan won Class I - Columnist of the Year for a Bounty of columns submitted on his behalf:

Of Duncan's collection of columns, the judge said, "A wonderful command of the language and unique insight into a topic of local significance (bounty scandals) put this entry over the top. The writer wasn't afraid to use strong writing and knowledge to take what was surely an unpopular opinion."

Not to worry, friends. I've fortified the comment section with extra 1s and 0s to support the outrage and ire sure to appear as a result of this news...

Here's what was said about the Times-Picayune's Best Section award.

"The top two finishers were both strong and worthy, but the T-P had an edge based on its grabby cover designs and its big-game coverage of the LSU-Bama BCS showdown," the judge said. "The staff covered every conceivable angle of the game with great deadline writing and tremendous photography choices. Also, loved the big, bold headline typography in all of the T-Ps sections, the overall clean presentation and the thorough, very well-written daily coverage of pro, college and prep sports."

If I just had a nickel for every time I've been called "grabby"...

Mike Triplett took home the prize for Writing/MakeUp/Photography - Class I - Pro Event with a story on the Saints-Buccaneers game.

Comments: "Well set-up story. The writer throws key numbers without having the reader drown in them. Overall, a strong story."

The Advocate's Ted Lewis's sidebar on the Saints-49ers game came in third place in this category, too.

Ghost of HandDat's Commentary: "It was a bar on the side of an article about the Saints-49ers game. The clean-line aesthetics floored me!!"

Here are the Class II - Pro Event medal-winners:

1, Alex Hickey, Lake Charles American Press. Coverage of Saints-Lions playoff game.

Comments: "Solid. It's organized well for the most part."

2, Teddy Renois, Houma Daily Courier. Account of Saints-Lions playoff game.

3, Brent St. Germain, Houma Daily Courier. Drew Brees sets NFL record.

Ghost of HansDat says: "'...organized well for the most part'???? And this took first f****** place? Are you f****** kidding me? Class II must mean "back of the class"!! Whatever. I should just get Hans to stop writing, but he's on a mission now..."

Your Pro Column Winners' Circle looked like this:

Class I

1, Glenn Guilbeau, Gannett Louisiana. Column on Saints' bounty scandal.

Comments: "A strong piece on the Saints' penalties. Well done, pointing out the Vidodin (sic) scandal from a couple years ago and questioning whether Drew Brees should re-sign with team. Nice to get a fan quote in among the player reactions. Loved the line: March 21, 2012 -- The Day The Dat Died."

2, Jeff Duncan, New Orleans Times-Picayune. Column on Saints' scandal.

3, Ted Lewis, Baton Rouge Advocate. Column on Saints-Falcon game.

Class II

1, Scooter Hobbs, Lake Charles American Press. Column on Saints' scandal.

Comments: "Strong account of the Saints' punishment for the bounty scandal, especially comparing the feel of their Super Bowl run to a college program and how the NFL penalized them for something you normally hear from the NCAA -- lack of institutional control. Good job detailing why the penalties were so stiff: that the Saints had been warned multiple times and yet kept doing it for two more seasons. Great line: 'Too much money and too much testosterone went together like black and gold.'"

2, Brent St. Germain, Houma Daily Courier. Column calling out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saints' bounty scandal.

3, Teddy Renois, Houma Daily Courier. Column telling Saints' fans to stop crying about 'Bountygate.

Ghost of HansDat says: "With a name like Scooter and the title of "prize-winning journalist" on his resume (Scooter also took home Class II - Columnist of the Year honors.), Mr. Hobbs and the Lake Charles Penny Saver are now bookmarked on Hans's laptop's Fleur-de-Links 'Must-Read' List - EVERY WEEKEND."

The Picayune took third in the Class I - Special Section category, too:

3, New Orleans Times-Picayune. Black and Gold extra.

Comments: "Good design, especially for a tab. Good headlines. Average content."

Ghost of HansDat says: "Good headlines, average content, eh? Sounds like a great day at the office for Hans, but he's no prize-winner: Ha!"

I don't even know whether to include this award or not...can anyone tell me what this is?


Open Class

1, Kevin Foote, Lafayette Daily Advertiser.

Comments: "The old, yet thoughtful, use of photographs made this entry the clear winner."

2, Roy Lang, Shreveport Times.

3, Brent St. Germain, Houma Daily Courier.

Let's hear it for DG's silver medal in the Open Class - Pro/College Photography category:

2, David Grunfeld, New Orleans Times-Picayune. Saints rookie cornerback Corey White gets interception against Falcons.

* * *

There, I've had my fun (and so has my ghost!), so now it's your turn. What awards would you give out, and to whom in the Saints media posse would you give them?