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NFL Fantasy Football Sign Up for Canal Street Chronicles

Want to play fantasy football with other Saints fans and Canal Street Chronicles readers? Here's your chance!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Saints preseason is in full swing and football is back, no doubt. Which also means football of the fantasy kind is also ready to make its triumphant return. As is tradition here at Da Chronic, we're going to be hosting our own fantasy football league(s).

Once again, this year's fantasy football sponsor is Yahoo! Sports so we'll be using their wonderful platform to play. But before we set anything up, we need to determine who will be participating. Our official league will be twelve teams. I'm sure we will have more than enough interest to fill just one league so we will gladly open up spillover leagues for those that would like to play. We will try our hardest not to leave anyone out of the fun.

So if you're interested and you think you'd be an active participant, let me know in the comment section below. You have until Noon on Sunday to put your name in the ring. After that, I will choose participants for our official league and email them privately. They will have two days upon receipt of their invitation to get signed up, otherwise a new participant will be invited. I will also make arrangements for any spillover leagues necessary.

So...who wants to play?