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Raiders @ Saints Recap: Postgame Quotes, Links, and Videos

This morning's Who Dat Say!?! brings you all the postgame coverage of the New Orleans Saints' 28-20 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Ramon Humber gets some in last night's win.
Ramon Humber gets some in last night's win.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Oakland Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints Game Center |
Watch video of the game, buy tickets, get stats & depth charts, game highlights, analysis, recap, and discuss with other NFL fans!

New Orleans Saints' starters rough up Oakland Raiders in 28-20 win |
Katherine Terrell - Seneca Wallace has rough outing in Saints debut.

New Orleans Saints vs Oakland Raiders: scoring summary |
Katherine Terrell - How they scored.

New Orleans Saints beat Oakland Raiders 28-20 |
Doug Tatum - First-team offense, defense both sharp as New Orleans moves to 2-0 in preseason

Photo Gallery: New Orleans Saints vs Oakland Raiders |
Photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Oakland Raiders game on Friday, August 16, 2013. Photos taken by Michael C. Hebert.

New Orleans Saints beat Oakland Raiders, 28-20: photo gallery |
Michael DeMocker - Photos from the New Orleans Saints 28-20 win over the Oakland Raiders in the preseason game at the Superdome on Friday, August 16, 2013.

New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders: Notebook |
The Saints start the preseason 2-0 for the first time since 2009

Noteworthy performances from New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders |
Mike Triplett's Four-Point Stance - The New Orleans Saints' starting units did just about everything right in their 28-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Friday night.

Quick Takes: Saints sack Raiders in preseason again |
Ken Trahan - I will say it again: It is preseason, folks.

Observation deck: Saints-Raiders - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - The early part of Friday night’s 28-20 victory by the New Orleans Saints over the Oakland Raiders made me flash back four years.

Saints defense, young receivers steal show against Oakland |
Handwerger - Three thoughts from tonight’s Saints-Raiders preseason game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Saints Move to 2-0 In Preseason by Beating Raiders 28-20 |

Saints vs. Raiders: 5 Things We Learned About New Orleans in Win | Who Dat Dish
Cprey Hogue - If the Saints had a lot of questions to answer last week after their up-and-down performance against the Chiefs, they made sure to answer them against the Oakland Raiders.

Brees starts strong, Saints down Raiders 28-20 | The Sun Herald
Brett Martel - Drew Brees looks as if he has found his rhythm early in the preseason.

Brees sizzles, Saints defense impressive against Raiders |
Handwerger - Drew Brees led the first-team offense on five straight scoring drives in the first half, complementing a Saints defense that stifled Oakland in the opening 30 minutes as New Orleans beat the Raiders 28-20.

Brees, Saints sharp in win over Raiders |
Drew Brees went 14-for-18 for 202 yards and a touchdown as the New Orleans Saints defeated the Oakland Raiders, 28-20, on Friday.

Reserve defenders second to none in Saints’ win | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles

Saints’ special teams get mixed reviews | The Advocate
Ramon Antonio Vargas

Ramon Humber steps in, steps up in Saints’ win | The Advocate
Ted Lewis - With Lofton, Vilma injured, reserve linebacker makes his presence felt.

Tough night at the office for Saints QB Seneca Wallace | The Advocate
Brian Allee-Walsh - Veteran quarterback Seneca Wallace’s long-awaited debut with the New Orleans Saints didn’t go as planned Friday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Don't overreact, but don't ignore real reasons for optimism in New Orleans Saints' dominant performance |
Triplett - Saints get uplifting performances from new faces like Kenny Stills and Nick Toon.

Rookie Kenny Vaccaro passing test in New Orleans Saints' secondary |
Jeff Duncan - Rookie safety shines in dominant defensive effort.

Jeff Duncan's impressions from New Orleans Saints' 28-20 victory against Oakland Raiders |
Drew Brees, pass rush shine in dominant first half.

New Orleans Saints' starters look in midseason form in win over Oakland Raiders |
Katherine Terrell - Young receiver Nick Toon and Kenny Stills stand out.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton frustrated by second-team offense |
Larry Holder's game notebook.

New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders: grades |
Marcus Carmouche

New Orleans Saints first units put on strong showing |
John DeShazier - 'I thought we were emotionally and physically ready,' Coach Sean Payton said.


Happy Trails, Jerry Romig!

Final 'First down, Saints' for announcer Jerry Romig |
Dennis Woltering - Friday wasn't just a Saints preseason game it was also the last game for the man who has given his voice to the Saints home games for more than four decades.

An unusually sentimental night of August football | The Advocate
Scott Rabalais - Their stories intersected beneath the Mercedes-Benz Superdome roof Friday night for a game between the New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders that was predictably short on drama, as most preseason contests are, but long on sentimentality.

Longtime New Orleans Saints PA announcer Jerry Romig calls his last game |
Nakia Hogan

Longtime New Orleans Saints announcer Jerry Romig has emotional last call
Samantha McLain - 'Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been fun. Goodnight. Love you.'

Social media says so long to Jerry Romig |
Gary Scheets - Longtime public address announcer says goodbye.


Postgame Transcripts


Head Coach Sean Payton
"I thought we saw a lot of different things tonight. It was really the tale of two halves for us offensively. I mentioned to the team there were a lot of good things to build on in the first half, and I know it was a preseason game but we did everything in the second half to allow them a chance to get back in the game. The three turnovers, nine penalties, that frustrated me, that is way too many.

"I thought individually there were a lot of great efforts. I thought defensively we handled the short field well tonight and that was encouraging. Early on, I thought we played with the emotion that we talked about and I was pleased with the first quarter and a half, two quarters. The only setback defensively was that third-and-15 that converted and ended up in a scoring drive in the second quarter. I thought we played hard as a team, not always smart and there will be a lot of things that we can correct off this tape, but we will do that."

(on Ramon Humber) "We have to look at the film. He certainly handled the defensive calls, but it's hard to tell you exactly on an inside linebacker from the sideline. We will look at the tape well and help you out on Monday."

(on the tempo getting the plays in) "I thought it was much better. I thought we went in and out, up and down much quicker. I thought defensively we were set, and in the kicking game we weren't dealing with 10 guys on the team. There are situations that come up in a game, be it a penalty or there is hidden yardage that equates to points and so in this game in that hidden yardage in the second half we didn't do too well. All the sudden the ball is supposed to be on the 33 coming out and it's on the 18 or whatever the penalty was so we will get that corrected. This is another good tape for us and another step in the evaluation process for us to take and we look forward to doing that."

(on Kenny Vaccaro getting a lot of reps tonight) "Absolutely, the second phase all did. There (are) a handful of players that are swinging (with the No.) 1s, they are 1s also playing with the (No.) 2s. He is one of them and there are a handful of other players like that and that was part of the plan."


(on throwing the ball to young receivers) "The two young receivers started the game for us at X and Z, Nick Toon and Kenny Stills. Since they're in the game, they're going to have the ball thrown their way. We had great tempo throughout that whole first half. Not every look they got was your standard look. They did a great job adjusting to that and playing with a lot of confidence."

(on first half) "You kind of lose track of time. You're operating. We knew we wanted to play with great tempo and execute. We had quite a few series there in the first half, maybe more than usual. I wish we could have punched a few more of those drives in the end zone. It's nice when you don't punt in the first half."

(on improvement from game 1 to game 2) "It's kind of the progression of training camp in the preseason. You're allowed the opportunity to establish a rhythm. We did that well today. I wish we could have had more points as a result of it. There's still more work to do."

(on No. 2 offense) "That's tough. There (are) things that are very much out of your control. We had a fumble by one of the running backs to stop a drive. You have a ball batted at the line of scrimmage that could happen to any of us. It kind of thwarted our offensive rhythm for a while. Seneca (Wallace) is a guy who's played for a long time. He knows how this game works. On the sideline, he was very encouraging to the young guys and was very poised."

(on Matt Flynn) "He's a great young player. Whenever he's had the chance to come in games, he's played very well. It's just a matter of trying to take advantage of opportunities and hoping things bounce your way a little bit."

(on expectations) "The expectation level, every time we touch the ball, is that we are going to score. When we fall short of that, we're disappointed in ourselves. We expect to live up to that every time we step on the field. We're only in the second preseason game. The season will be here before we know it."

(on overall effort) "I think we all were much improved ... in every facet. We did everything we wanted to do defensively and offensively. Did we make every play on offense? No. The fact is, we felt like we were in complete control. That's what you want when the starters are out there. There's just the progression of the preseason. Every one of these games is important."

(on things to improve upon) "We had far too many penalties, which caused some difficult field position for us. The turnovers in the third quarter almost did us in. Those are two of the most important statistics that tell you whether you won or lost the game. We're going to grade ourselves on our standard."


(on performance tonight) "I've learned that it's never as good or as bad as you think. I know I was frustrated last week and there's still some stuff I need to work on. I'm happier this week, obviously, with a touchdown and the way we played a lot cleaner."

(on playing with first unit)
"It felt like today was a lot more relaxed out there. I got used to the tempo very quick. It just helped to get the ball in my hands early in the game. It kind of relaxes you and gets you set the rest of the game."

(on his TD reception) "Drew does a great job and he had a lot of time back there. Nick (Toon) and I were talking on the sidelines and he kind of took two guys and ran the opposite way. I knew if I got back there, sat and settled, that Drew would hit me right there."

(on approach for rest of preseason)
"The same way I've been approaching practice. Making sure that I'm mistake free, making sure that I know my job and that I'm doing it and giving myself to my teammates. Tonight was a great step in the right direction for me. I still have a lot to prove and I'm still very young and there's still stuff I can learn off the tape."

(on difference between being drafted and now) "My attitude when I got drafted was to come in and work my tail off and hopefully I would have an opportunity to play. I never looked at it as where I got drafted or what team I got drafted by. I knew that if I came in and worked and showed my ability then I would have a chance to play. I've been blessed to have an opportunity with that."


"Every year you get a chance to go out there and perform. You're interviewing for a job. There's a lot of talent in that room. A lot of great payers and everybody is going out there and doing the best they can do to showcase their skills."
(on performance first 2 weeks) "It feels good. I felt good about last week. I had some things I had to go back and correct. My goal is to get better every week and not make the same mistakes."

(on significant playing time tonight)
" It's an honor to get that opportunity to go there and play and showcase my ability. This is a dream I've had since I was a little kid and it's a blessing to have the opportunity to go out there and play.

(on what he learns from his father)
"We do talk about football. Anything he thinks he can help me out with he will let me know. It's great to have a resource like my dad. Not many people can say they have a resource like that."

(on catching passes from Drew Brees)
"It's cool. Drew's a player that has done phenomenal things in this league and its an honor to play with him. He's a great player. For a receiver I don't think there's a better situation."


"I did whatever I could to help the team win tonight. With pass coverage and getting off blocks and blitzing; just helping the team overall."

(something out there to grab?) "Yeah, it's out there for everybody to grab. You just have to go out there and perform. You have to show the coaches and teammates that they can trust you."

(on 4th-and-1 stop and sack) "The fourth-and-one was just a great call by Rob Ryan. On the sack it was another good call, just a blitz call. I love that he saw something and called it."

(is this a last chance?) "I don't think this is the last chance for me. Anything could happen. I could go somewhere else. My goal is to help this team win."


(on Ramon Humber's performance) "He went out and had one today. Every week though, he is one of those hardheaded guys. He does everything you ask him and at a high level. He does that at practice and you just got to see him showcase it today."

(on his performance and ability to make calls) "We've had that role throughout camp where we both in there together. We both feel very comfortable communicating and just talking through things. We've been out their problem solving and the whole way through camp we've been communicating."

(on getting live action tonight) "It felt good to just go out there and do what I came here to do and that is to go out there and compete and play ball that I love. I felt like we came out and the defense really laid it out. We came out with a lot of emotion and got it started fast."

(on stepping up with Jonathan Vilma out) "I'm not sure. My thing is to just keep my head down and make a way for myself. Everything always kind of takes care of itself."


V-Roll Roll Call

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