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Saints' Wide Receiver Depth Chart Coming Into Focus

Four wide receiver roster spots are all but locked up for the Saints at this point in the 2013 preseason. But who will get that coveted final spot?

Stacy Revere

What was once a wide open competition with an uncertain outcome, the wide receiver picture has come largely into focus for the Saints halfway through the 2013 preseason. The team finally decided to stop screwing around and cut ties with veteran receivers Steve Breaston and Patrick Crayton two days ago.

After two preseason games, I think it's safe to say that Nick Toon and Kenny Stills have separated themselves from the crowd and now appear to be guaranteed locks to make the final 53-man roster. But you don't have to take my word for it. Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been singing their praises as of late.

Which means your likely regular season depth chart for Saints wide receivers looks something like this: Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Nick Toon and Kenny Stills.

That leaves just one, maybe two, spots available for which the rest of the receiver crowd must fight. But which candidate(s) will rise to the top? There are currently three players leading the pack.

First is Andy Tanner, the workout warrior with the great hands who always seems to shine during practice. But with only three catches so far this preseason, has he done enough on game day to finally crack the roster?

Also in the mix is Preston Parker, who currently leads the Saints this preseason with 6 catches. Parker has definitely been given plenty of opportunity, which shows us that the coaches probably think highly of him. Just how high, however, is still to be determined.

Then there's good old Courtney Roby, special teams extraordinaire but limited in his receiving capabilities. Will this finally be the end of the line for the veteran Roby or will his special teams skills keep him around yet another season? If the Saints decide to keep 6 receivers on the roster, it will most likely be to make room for Roby and what he brings to special teams.

Your turn to sound off. How do you think the wide receiver battle will play out over the next two weeks?

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