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NFL Fantasy Football Team Names: Whaddaya Got?

Jeepers, creepers, where did you get that fantasy football team name?

I wish my fantasy drafts had had player photo ops for the media.
I wish my fantasy drafts had had player photo ops for the media.

With the end of preseason coming soon, fantasy football sign ups have appeared and that means drafts are soon to follow.

From the comments I've seen around here, I'd guess that CSC is a fertile breeding ground of fantasy footballers, and I want to know something from those players:

What is (are) your fantasy football team name(s)?

How did you choose it (them)/what's the meaning behind it (them)?

Sidebar: What kind of success/history have you enjoyed?

As a long-retired fantasy footballer, why don't I get the ball rolling...

Most of my FF experience was as a co-owner with a college friend of mine, Kevin. We got in on a couple of leagues together in the mid-90's and paired up for almost 10 years of fun and sometimes winning as the Cardinal Sinners. You see, we live in Louisville, so there are all the Louisville Cardinals sports teams we folllow, so it hits on that level. Then, the (basketball, perhaps?) Cardinals were in a bit of trouble with recruiting violations and NCAA probation, so there's some duality. And then it goes all hat trick on us when you factor in my life-long love of my hometown New Orleans Saints, who in their historical bumbling ineptitude were sometimes called Sinners. Bam!! - A name was born of humor, truth and cleverness that instilled great fear in the hearts of men.

For one season (2006), I struck out on my own as we split up the Sinners because our league lost a man and needed to make up the loss of a team. That year, with the Saints having drafted Reggie Bush, I felt like I had no choice but to dub my new team the BushWhackers, as the Saints were going to ambush teams and whack them with a heavy dose of REGGIE BUSH. Kevin and I met in the championship game that year, and I forget who won, but I remember that I took home some prize money that year.

Following that glorious 2006 season, I retired to put my full focus on real football. Every once in a while I feel a twinge of a spark of a desire to maybe get into it again, and then I remember the grind of keeping up with all the player injuries/statuses, analyzing matchups, and getting a full roster set each Sunday morning, and I don't regret my decision at all.

So, now you get to tell us all about your fantasy football team name(s) and history...DO IT! You'll be glad that you did. And I will, too.