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Haralson Trade: 49ers Loss is Saints Gain

It looks like the Saints have acquired a top quality, talented linebacker from the San Francisco 49ers in Parys Haralson. Here's a little background info on Haralson from David Fucillo of Niners Nation.

Ezra Shaw

There's still a lot to learn about the newest Saints linebacker, Parys Haralson. What we do know is that 49ers fans are sad to see him leave, which can only mean good things for the Saints and their fans.

Here is what 49ers blogger David Fucillo has to say about Haralson:

Although the 49ers have some great young talent at outside linebacker, it is still disappointing to see Haralson leave. He was always a solid guy on the roster. He sat out last year with a torn triceps muscle, but before that, he was a key part of Aldon Smith's transition to outside linebacker. Haralson played in the base defense, and Aldon came on in pass rush situations. This was able to happen in part because Haralson was solid against the run, and able to give the 49ers just enough in platooning with Aldon.

Prior to that, Haralson even managed some solid pass rush numbers when the 49ers were struggling to figure out a defensive identity. He was never a dominant pass rusher, but he was solid.

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