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Saints vs. Chiefs 2013: Scouting the Enemy

Who better to give us a little background on the Saints' upcoming opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, than the guy who covers that team for a living.

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We're just two days away now from the Saints' first pre-season game of 2013 against the Kansas City Chiefs. To get better acquainted with their opponent, I've exchanged five questions with Chiefs blogger Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride. Let's see what Joel has to say about Chase Daniel, new coach Andy Reid, and their training camp so far.


Dave Cariello: What should Saints fans expect from Steve Breaston?

Joel Thorman: Good, timely question. Breaston came to Kansas City as a free agent signing prior to the 2011 season. In that 2011 season, his first one in Kansas City, the results were in line with what he'd done in his career to that point -- 61 catches for 785 yards and two touchdowns. And then things get weird. Breaston just completely dropped off the map in the 2012 season. Romeo Crennel was unable to provide a clear answer as to why Breaston wasn't playing. Breaston didn't know why he wasn't playing. No one could figure out what happened. If he were injured, like we found out after the season when he had knee surgery, the Chiefs would have said that. So you're looking at his stats and wondering what the heck is going on with that 2012 season. Just know that Chiefs fans don't know why he didn't play either. It was one of the bizarre situations in an extremely bizarre season. Now, what to expect? He can play on the outside or in the slot. He's very quick with some legitimate speed. He's experienced. He can add a lot, especially in an offense like New Orleans where he's one of multiple pieces, not the No. 2 guy. He will do well in New Orleans assuming he's healthy.


Dave: How is Chase Daniel doing?

Joel: Umm, well ... he's having an OK at camp at best. He's just not accurate all the time. His balls can float sometimes, especially deep. Myself and many others would say that Tyler Bray, currently the No. 3 quarterback, has outplayed Chase. We're talking a week and a half of camp practices so this is a tiny sample size, but it's been frustrating. You can tell at times, especially when the pace of the offense picks up, that he is capable of running an offense. It's like he needs a fast and hectic offense to thrive. In theory though, the west coast offense seems to fit his skill set. So I'm excited despite a slow start.


Dave: How are Chiefs fans feeling about Andy Reid?

Joel: So far, so good. No complaints at this point. Reid is a lot more straight-forward than the guys we've seen in the past. If he doesn't want to talk about something, he'll just say that. Chiefs coaches in the past just danced and danced and danced. His practices are up tempo, fast and well organized. There is tackling at Chiefs camp, which is a change from what we've seen in recent years. He spends almost all his time with the offense. So far I really like him and the numbers say the fans do too.


Dave: When I talk about the star of Chiefs training camp, who am I talking about?

Joel: Last year Jon Baldwin was the clear cut star of camp. This year there is no one player that's standing out quite like that but there are a few having very good camps. Dontari Poe, the big nose tackle who can move, has turned it onto another gear this year. Sean Smith, free agent cornerback signing this offseason, is huge (6'2) and has played well. His size will be a real advantage this year. All three of the Chefs tight ends -- Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce and Tony Moeaki -- are having good camps. Very versatile with what they're asked to do, both blocking and catching the ball.


Dave: Is there a UDFA or another player who isn't a big name making an impact?

Joel: Junior Hemingway is a former seventh round pick but he fits the profile. He's got a real shot to make the team as the sixth receiver. He doesn't do anything incredibly well, just a lot of little things well. Rico Richardson, undrafted receiver, has shown something. He may not make the team because it's still a numbers game but out of the undrafted receivers he looks the most polished. Tyler Bray, the quarterback out of Tennessee who went undrafted, looks really sharp at times. He's got the best arm in camp. Because he's a quarterback, we're all really excited in Kansas City.

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