Answering your KC Chiefs questions

Hello Canal Street Chronicles readers,

I am Joel Thorman, editor of Arrowhead Pride, SB Nation's Chiefs blog, and we have a game coming up on Friday night.

If you have questions about the Chiefs, feel free to drop them in here and myself or other Arrowhead Pride readers will be around to answer them.

A little bit about us:

  • Many people feel the Chiefs are better than their 2-14 record indicates.
  • Jamaal Charles is still Jamaal Charles. You remember him, right?
  • Big changes this year: Andy Reid and Alex Smith.
  • Dwayne Bowe is a solid receiver. We have no idea who the No. 2 will be.
  • The tight ends have been overhauled and we're excited about them.
  • The defense says they're going to be blitzing from all over the place this year.

Any questions? Drop 'em in the comments.

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