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Saints Practice Squad 2013 Players Named

The New Orleans Saints have filled six of the eight available practice squad roster spots today with players they cut yesterday, including Ryan Griffin and Saalim Hakim.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have signed six players so far to their 2013 practice squad, all of whom were with the team through training camp and the preseason.

Quarterback Ryan Griffin, wide receiver Saalim Hakim, tight end Michael Higgins, fullback Austin Johnson, offensive tackle Marcel Jones and defensive back Jumal Rolle have all been asked back to join the team.

NFL teams are allowed to have eight players on their practice squad, meaning the Saints have two more spots they can fill. They may be checking the waiver wire for players other teams have cut to see if they'd prefer to fill those two spots with outside players.

The minimum weekly salary for practice squad players in 2013 is $6000, although teams do have the option to pay more than this amount. For full rules about how the NFL practice works, be sure to read Hans' post from earlier this morning.