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NFL Week 1 Most Significant Win: Saints, Broncos, Eagles or Cowboys?

The Saints had a big win to open up the 2013 season. But was it the NFL's biggest of Week 1?

Dustin Bradford

The Saints had one of the NFL's best performances in Week One. In addition, it sure seemed appropriate that the return of Sean Payton to the sideline and debut of Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator was celebrated with a 23-17 victory over the arch rival Atlanta Falcons. But was the Saints victory over the Dirty Birds considered the biggest in the NFL for Week One? Yes, I know it's hard to be objective on this.

The Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys also all had impressive wins to kickoff the NFL season. Was the Saints' defeat of the Falcons more impressive than the Broncos over the Ravens, the Eagles over the Redskins of Cowboys over the Giants?

Obviously, the loyal readers of Canal Street Chronicles will think so. So, I'm sending a shout out to the fans sites from the other winning teams listed above to invite their readers to chime in for debate and discussion. Be nice.

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