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NFC South Already Taking Shape?

The first week of the NFL regular season was interesting, to say the least. But the NFC South might have been the biggest surprise of all.

Chris Graythen

So, the New Orleans Saints beating the Atlanta Falcons at home 23-17 may not be the largest surprise of the first week of the regular season of NFL football. Many predicted it, including me. Matt Ryan is too shaky when things heat up. He actually reminds me of Romo 2.0. But how things started to take shape in the NFC South was as if the stars were aligning in the Saints favor. CAUTION: Its Week 1 and we are all where we were in the preseason.

As stated before, the Saints beat the Falcons. Saints 1-0 and Falcons 0-1. Seattle beat the Carolina Panthers 12-7. This was a surprise. I expected a beat down close to 41-0 by Seattle but the Panthers defense showed up to play on Sunday. The New York Jets beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18-17 in a weird scoring game. 18-17? I am a little surprised by this. I wasn't sure the Jets could beat Northern Allegheny High School but here they are, 1-0. The Bucs? 0-1.

What does this all boil down to? Every team in the NFC South is 0-1. Except the Saints. The 7-9, worst defense in NFL history Saints one year ago. The New Orleans Saints are alone at the top of the division, facing the Buccaneers in Week 2.

The Saints have the second hardest schedule in the NFL this year. We get it. The NFC South is not a given at any rate. I look for them to beat the Bucs knocking Tampa down to 0-2. I also look for Atlanta to beat the Rams making them 1-1. The Panthers face the Bills. If they repeat whatever defensive performance they showed the Seahawks this week, look for a slaughter. This would mean: Saints 2-0, Falcons 1-1, Panthers 1-1, and Bucs 0-2 after Week 2 in the NFC South.

Whatever outlook you have of the division, the NFC looks to be both explosive and head-scratching. It's a tough world. Things are just messy in the AFC so don't even start with them. You want to have fun? Figure out who is the top dog in the NFC.

By the way, I am so tired of the excuses being made for the Saints beating the Falcons. No due credit. Haters need to stay off Twitter. Its old. Get real. By the way, any chance I can get a ticket to the Falcons' victory party after the Week 2 game? I need some interviews over chicken salad and fruit punch.

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