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Saints vs. Buccaneers 2013 Game Recap Podcast

The boys recap the Saints' win over Tampa Bay, including the Mark Ingram situation, the final drive, the offensive line woes and the awesome Saints defense. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

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Kevin starts the podcast with an exclusive interview with Drew Brees about the hit Adrian Clayborn put on him which nearly broke Drew in half. Brees was so excited about the win he kind of sounded like WWE wrestler Roddy Piper.

Andrew and Dave then join to discuss if Sean Payton made the right call going for it on fourth down before half time. They then beg Sean Payton to not give Mark Ingram carries anymore.

Kevin washes his hands

Andrew breaks down the struggles of the interior offensive line and how worried we should be.

Dave is so excited about Rob Ryan he wants to dress his son as Rob for Halloween.

Andrew explains why the Saints officially have no depth on the defensive line and they can afford no more injuries.

Kevin worries about Jimmy Graham's health and admits he wanted Greg Schiano to get hurt during the game.

Andrew breaks down the strength of the defense so far and it might surprise you.

The boys then preview the Arizona game, Kevin washes his hands, and Andrew asks if fans would be more forgiving of Ingram if he went to LSU.

Dave wraps up the podcast with 60 seconds on Tulane football.

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