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NFL 2013 Picks Week 3: Lightning Strikes Twice

After a strange Week 2, featuring two lightning delays on two separate coasts, the NFL returns with a fantastic slate of games across the board in Week 3.

Christian Petersen

Two weeks down, two wins for the New Orleans Saints. Not easy, not pretty, but wins nonetheless. They have flirted with defeat twice now, but have escaped with victory. The Saints now come back home to host the Arizona Cardinals as they look to move to 3-0 for the season. Let's take a look at an intriguing slate of games in Week 3.

Last week I went 12-4, Season Record 23-9

I told you so: Seahawks over 49ers!

What do I know: Colts over Dolphins?



Thursday, September 19th

Chiefs(2-0) at Eagles(1-1)

Andy Reid comes home for a little vengeance.

Pick: Chiefs


Sunday, September 22nd - Early Games

Texans(2-0) at Ravens(1-1)

Houston's late game heroics won't stand in Baltimore.

Pick: Ravens


Chargers(1-1) at Titans(1-1)

San Diego's passing attack outlasts tenacious Titans.

Pick: Chargers


Browns(0-2) at Vikings(0-2)

Week 3 edition of the "Johnny Footbowl". Cleveland's anemic offense, now without Trent Richardson, will continue to stumble in Minnesota.

Pick: Vikings


Giants(0-2) at Panthers(0-2)

Two desperate teams meet in Charlotte, Giants leave with the win.

Pick: Giants


Lions(1-1) at Redskins(0-2)

Getting the sense that RGIII pulls the Skins out of the fire this week.

Pick: Redskins


Buccaneers(0-2) at Patriots(2-0)

New England catches Bucs coming off of two straight devastating losses.

Pick: Patriots


Packers(1-1) at Bengals(1-1) - Game of the Week

Green Bay's offense provides too a stiff test for the Cincy defense.

Pick: Packers


Rams(1-1) at Cowboys(1-1)

Getting the sense that Dallas edges out St. Louis at home this week.

Pick: Cowboys


Cardinals(1-1) at Saints(2-0)

The Saints return home to face their first opponent outside of the NFC South. Slowing down Larry Fitzgerald will be key.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, September 22nd - Late Games

Falcons(1-1) at Dolphins(2-0)

Miami may have just beaten Luck last week, but they haven't faced a team as lucky as Atlanta. Oh how I'd love to pick Miami in this one.

Pick: Falcons


Bills(1-1) at Jets(1-1)

EJ will get the best of Geno in this one.

Pick: Bills


Colts(1-1) at 49ers(1-1)

Boy, did Indy get a bad week to draw the Niners, who will be out for blood. If anyone knows how to stop Andrew Luck, it's his former coach.

Pick: 49ers


Jaguars(0-2) at Seahawks(2-0)

Jaguars. at. Seahawks. Dear God, man. Hide the children, don't let them witness this.

Pick: Seahawks


Sunday Night Football

Bears(2-0) at Steelers(0-2)

If not for Cleveland, Pittsburgh would have the AFC North's worst offense.

Pick: Chicago


Monday, September 23rd - Monday Night Football

Raiders(1-1) at Broncos(2-0)

The good times continue to roll for Denver.

Pick: Broncos


That's how I see it, tell us how you see Week 3 playing out. Leave your comments and insight below. Here's to 3-0, WHO DAT!!!

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