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Podcaster Kevin Needs Entrance Music!

Resident podcaster and jovial schmuck, Kevin Held, wants YOUR help in picking out entrance music.

Bad landing in 3, 2, 1...
Bad landing in 3, 2, 1...
Joern Pollex

You know the drill by now. Kevin's been training to be a pro wrestler and as he gets closer and closer to realizing his "goal" he wants your help in picking out his entrance music. Why? I don't know. He's delusional, but we love him anyway.

Anyway, please vote in his polls so he'll quit bugging us about the whole thing. We also made him promise to give us FOOTBALL POSTS after this was all done, too.


The "From the Top of the Cage" Region

8. "Go" – Pearl Jam


14. "God’s Gonna Cut You Down" – Johnny Cash

The "From Parts Unknown" Region

9. "In the Evening" – Led Zeppelin


6. "Ashes to Ashes" – Faith No More

The "Oh My God" Region

1. "Du Hast" – Rammstein


12. "Iron Eagle" - Andrew Juge (not the final version)


11. "Exogenesis Symphony Pt 1: Overture" - Muse


10. "Holy Diver" – Dio

The "Outside Interference" Region

1. "Sinister Kid" – Black Keys


4. "We Care A Lot" – Faith No More


11. "Ecstasy of Gold" (Bandini Remix) – Ennio Morricone


7. "Never Let Down" – Andrew W.K.