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Saints 2013 Practice Squad Prediction Contest Early Returns

The first six players have been signed to the Saints 2013 practice squad (so far, no OLBs), and I've got the early returns from the prediction contest.

He may want YOU to take one of the last two spots on the 2013 Saints Practice Squad.
He may want YOU to take one of the last two spots on the 2013 Saints Practice Squad.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The First Saints Practice Squad Prediction Contest is well under way with four CSC members (Dragon Ninja Warrior, russty, fshabazz, and metryman) voluntarily participating and one Saints media member involuntarily and quite possibly unknowingly in the mix (Doug Mouton of WWL Sports, via his tweet).

With the first six players signed yesterday by Payloo, and the other two to be named sometime this week, I thought I'd go ahead and share the early results.

First, for those who don't know already, the following players comprise the current 2013 Saints practice squad:

QB Ryan Griffin, FB Austin Johnson, OT Marcel Jones, TE Michael Higgins, WR Saalim Hakim, and DB Jumal Rolle.

And here are your contestants on the leaderboard...(the number in parenthesis represents their score, and correct guesses are bolded and capitalized)

Dragon Ninja Warrior (3) - David Bass, Chad Bumphis, RYAN GRIFFIN, SAALIM HAKIM, MARCEL JONES, and Ray Shipman.

metryman (3) - RYAN GRIFFIN, SAALIM HAKIM, AUSTIN JOHNSON, Rufus Johnson, then Korey Lindsey or Jerico Nelson, and then 2 of these 3 - Brent Leonard, Elliott Mealer, Keavon Milton.

russty (2) - RYAN GRIFFIN, SAALIM HAKIM, Rufus Johnson, Korey Lindsey, Ray Shipman.

fshabazz (2) - RYAN GRIFFIN, SAALIM HAKIM, Olineman (I forgot his name), Rufus Johnson, Korey Lindsey, Jerico Nelson, Jay Richardson, Ray Shipman.

Doug Mouton (2) - RYAN GRIFFIN, SAALIM HAKIM, Rufus Johnson, Jerico Nelson.

Thanks to all who are playing, and congrats to DNW and metry for jumping out to an early lead! Over the next few days, we'll see who emerges victorious to win the fabulous jpg prize(s) I have in store for the victor(s)!!

Also, with two roster spots left on the PS, what will Payloo do with them? Maybe at least one OLB, or other help for the defense?

I have decided to extend the contest, and will allow you to submit predictions for those last two spots. And if your guesses arrive before the first news I can find of signings, they will be counted in the contest!

More on the Practice Squad and the 53-man roster: