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Saints Running Back Mark Ingram Trade?

Considering his disappointing 2013 season and the emergence of Khiry Robinson in the Saints 31-7 win over the Cardinals, could the Saints seriously look to trade Mark Ingram?

Al Messerschmidt

Running back Mark Ingram was listed as inactive for the Saints' 31-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday with a toe injury. Not really upsetting to Saints fans considering his disappointing performance the first two games this season (17 carries, 31 yards, 1.8 ypc).

Then just before kickoff Jason LaCanfora speculated that Ingram could be potential trade bait:

Combine all of that with a short but impressive showing by running back Khiry Robinson late in the Saints' blowout of the Cardinals (4 carries, 38 yards, 9.5 ypc) and it would seem Ingram's days in New Orleans are numbered.

Saints head coach Sean Payton vehemently denies any trade talk and believes LaCanfora's report has "zero credibility."  Considering what we know about Payton rhetoric, that means Ingram is as good as gone.

What could the Saints get if they were to trade Ingram? What team would be a potential trade partner? Would the Saints really pull the trigger?

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