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Saints Receiver Robert Meachem: "Y'all Musta Forgot!"

Saints fans got a blast from the past on Sunday when Robert Meachem scored on a 27-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees for the Saints' first score of the game.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

I don't blame you, Meach. When the Saints brought you back there were a lot of naysayers and doubters. Oh, don't get me wrong, folks were glad to see you. Kinda like when you're happy to see Uncle Gus and Aunt Bunny at the family cookout. You just don't wanna have to kiss Aunt Bunny with her big ol' Billy Dee Williams mustache.

Well, the way you were dumped by San Diego, your injury history, along with the new young receivers the Saints now have that fans are excited to see on the field, having you back in the lineup for a lot of Saints fans was like having to kiss Aunt Bunny.

I'm glad Meachem is back home where he belongs.

Personally, I never understood why so many folks poo poo'ed Meachem rejoining the Saints. Meach was a 3rd/4th receiver (flip-flopping with Devery Henderson) with the Saints. Then, A.J. Smith signed a 3rd/4th receiver for #1 money. But, Meach was NEVER a #1 receiver. It's not that he didn't produce in San Diego, quite the opposite, he performed exactly the way you'd expect for a second string player. That's when San Diego stopped throwing him the ball and eventually benched him. Understandable, I guess. They didn't want a backup receiver who was gonna give them 40-45 receptions and 5-6 touchdowns (which is EXACTLY what he was with the Saints). They wanted a #1 guy who could come in and replace Vincent Jackson.

Sorry, San Diego... that ain't Meachem.

One other thing... this nonsense San Diego was peddling about Meachem being broken down. He's ALWAYS been broken down. He was broken down when they signed him. That's why he never made it past being a 3rd/4th receiver in the Saints offense (along with the fact that Marques and Lance are much more reliable receivers). Meachem has always had injury problems but it never mattered because he wasn't the main guy. You can play injured when you're only catching about 40-45 passes a season.

What? No one ever noticed Meachem limping into the end zone on most of his touchdowns? They did scout the guy on film, right? Or, were they watching YouTube videos and TV highlights and then claiming to have watched film? (Okay, yes....I'm tweaking a coupla cats with that line)

Anyway, thanks for taking care of Meachem for us while Coach Payton was suspended. You're such a good farm team. We were able to send one of our guys down to you in the minors for a little seasoning and then bring him back up to the majors now that Daddy is back home.

Oh, and thanks for picking up Meach's salary this season. ‘Preciate, ya!

The Saints get a guy who knows the offense and can come in to contribute immediately. Yes, contribute immediately, because he's NOT expected to be a #1 or #2 receiver. He can go back to being a 3rd/4th guy or even a 4th/5th if the young pups play well enough to keep him buried on the bench.

Either way, I'm glad Meachem is back home where he belongs.

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