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Cameron Jordan and Jordan Cameron: NFL Players of the Week?

The defensive Cameron Jordan and offensive Jordan Cameron both had arguably the best games of their young NFL careers this past Sunday. Will worlds collide and both players be nominated for the NFL's Player of the Week award?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

It is incredibly coincidental that the NFL has two players with names as similar as Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron. Their commonalities do not end with their name combinations, however.

Both players were selected in the 2011 NFL Draft and are alumni of PAC-10 schools. As I'm sure all Saints fans are familiar, Jordan came to the Saints as a first round pick out of the University of California, while Cameron was a USC Trojan before being selected by the Browns in the 4th round.

Cameron Jordan Jordan Cameron Cameron Jordan Jordan Cameron

Apparently this caused some confusion on draft day. I seem to recall a story about a Cleveland Browns employee who got the players confused and called Cameron Jordan to let him know the Browns were going to select him after the Saints already had. From what I remember of the story, Jordan had then thought the Saints had already traded him away. Just imagine how confusing it would be if they were on the same team, but then again the Saints seem to be set at tight end.

The connection between the two players became even crazier this past Sunday as they each arguably had the best games of their NFL careers so far. Jordan's performance against the Cardinals perfectly symbolized the Saints' defense new aggressive identity as he sacked Carson Palmer twice and was in his face all day long.

Meanwhile, in the Browns' 31-27 victory over the struggling Minnesota Vikings, Cameron scored every other time he touched the ball. Cameron had six catches for sixty four yards, with three of those six catches going for touchdowns.

As I write this article, the NFL has yet to name it's offensive and defensive players of the week. How can they pass up this opportunity to name two players with basically the same name as players of the week? I'm sending this entry over to the Browns' website, Dawgs by Nature and inviting them to chime in. The Saints don't play them this year, so please be nice.

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