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Robert Meachem Close to Signing with Saints

Yes, you read that headline right. No, this is not a joke. The Saints are about to sign Robert Meachem. Robert f***ing Meachem.

Kevin C. Cox

The New Orleans Saints are on the verge of signing former San Diego Chargers wide receiver Robert Meachem, according to ESPN's Bill Willamson.

My first reaction? SHUTUP!!!!!! Robert f***ing Meachem!?!?!?

My second reaction? Can be play outside linebacker?

Meachem was released by the Chargers this past weekend, failing to make their final 53-man roster. He will cost San Diego $6.875 million in dead money against cap.

If true, I think this is a terrible, terrible, terrible move. Did I mention how terrible this move would be?

First of all, if Meachem wasn't good enough to cut it with the Chargers, how could he possibly be good enough to join the Saints' deeply talented crop of wide receivers.

Second of all, this is the same Robert Meachem who looked at himself in the mirror and told himself he sucked last year. Literally. The same Meachem whose body is "broken down" and has degenerated since his days with the Saints.

I really just don't understand this move. Personally, I'd rather invite Devery Henderson back if we're scrapping the bottom of the barrel of washed up former Saints receivers.