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Saints vs. Dolphins ESPN Monday Night Football 2013: Saints Can Dominate NFC South with Win

The Saints are two games up on the next best team in the NFC South. Facing the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night in Week 4 could be critical for control of the division.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see where things stand in the NFC South before we start getting strategic shall we?

NFC South Standings

New Orleans 3 0 0
Carolina 1 2 0
Atlanta 1 3 0
Tampa Bay 0 4 0

(updated 9.30.2013 at 2:23 AM CDT)

What is very obvious is that New Orleans is doing what they have done in past years: taken a fast and pointed lead in the division. What also looks to be obvious is that the NFC South could be decided early, at least to start. At Week 4, a decisive blow could be stricken if the Saints (unbeaten at 3-0) beat the undefeated Miami Dolphins in the Dome Monday night.

The Saints defense has been understatedly impressive and dominant this year, ranking now 4th in the league. The offense has not quite gotten started and done just enough to get the job done except for the de-feathering of the Cardinals last week. Drew Brees and company have been well accompanied by a defense that has smothered, attacked, and outright blackeyed some really good offenses including the Atlanta Falcons. By the way, they have done this with a depleted LB core.

There is still a great deal of season left, 75% so to speak. A win by the Saints on Monday night over a not-to-be-taken-for-granted Miami Dolphins would dramatically change the face of the NFC South. The Saints at 4-0 over a 1-2 Panthers team (they had a bye so would remain in place) in second place would complete a commanding and nearly unbeatable lead barring massive mistakes. Being realistic, it is worth mentioning that the Saints play all of these teams again this season and any game can turn the tide.

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