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Rob Ryan Defense: Points Allowed per Game Numbers Crunch

A lot has been said about whether or not Rob Ryan's 3-4 scheme will actually improve the Saints' defensive issues of the past few years. Yardage allowed has been the main topic, but lets switch gears and look at points allowed.

Team Points Allowed Per Game
Seattle Seahawks 15.3
San Francisco 49ers 17.1
Chicago Bears 17.3
Denver Broncos 18.1
Atlanta Falcons 18.7
Pittsburgh Steelers 19.6
Miami Dolphins 19.8
Cincinnati Bengals 20.0
New England Patriots 20.7
Houston Texans 20.7
Green Bay Packers 21.0
New York Giants 21.5
Baltimore Ravens 21.5
St. Louis Rams 21.8
Minnesotta Vikings 21.8
San Diego Chargers 21.9
Arizona Cardinals 22.3
Carolina Panthers 22.7
Cleveland Browns 23.0
New York Jets 23.4
Indianapolis Colts 24.2
Washington Redskins 24.3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24.6
Dallas Cowboys 25.0
Kansas City Chiefs 26.6
Buffalo Bills 27.2
Detroit Lions 27.3
Oakland Raiders 27.7
Philadelphia Eagles 27.8
Jacksonville Jaguars 27.8
New Orleans Saints 28.4
Tennessee Titans 29.4

As you can see from the table above, the Saints didn't have any problems surrendering points to opposing offenses in 2012. A whopping thirteen points separated them from the Seattle Seahawks who yielded the least amount of points, and they were only one point away from the points allowed kings, the Tennessee Titans.

Rob Ryan comes to New Orleans with a very mediocre defensive resumé, statistically speaking. In the points allowed per game category, the best his unit has ever finished came in 2010 with the Cleveland Browns (13th). So far in Rob's career, this would be his ceiling. But really does that statistic mean anything? Eh, not really. Let's bring some more numbers to the table.

In Rob Ryan's nine year career, his defensive units average 22nd in the league in the points allowed per game category. If you once again refer to the table above, finishing 22nd in 2012 would've had the Saints yielding about four less points per game. That might not seem like a big deal but had the games held with the same results, the Saints would've won two more games in 2012. By this statistic alone, Rob Ryan is an improvement.

You need more convincing material, you say? No worries, I've come prepared.

Points Allowed Per Game (22nd place finish)
Year Points Allowed Per Game
2004 23.3
2005 21.9
2006 22.2
2007 24.0
2008 23.8
2009 23.4
2010 23.6
2011 23.6
2012 24.2

The table above depicts the amount of points per game yielded by the team that finished 22nd in the league (Rob Ryan's average finish) dating back to when Rob Ryan began his career as a defensive coordinator in the NFL. You can see that each of these values is handily better than the Saints' number in 2012. If you average up these totals, you get 23.3 points allowed per game by the team that finished 22nd in the NFL. Once again, an improvement is shown.

So for any of you big stats guys out there, these numbers will likely get you excited for the 2013 campaign. Others that don't really care about the numbers game, hopefully you can see the light in bringing Rob Ryan to New Orleans.

If Rob Ryan's cards hold true this year, the Saints will be well on their way to competing for another Super Bowl title.

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