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Saints vs. Eagles NFC Wild Card Playoff Weather Forecast

The weather forecast at kickoff time in Philadelphia for the Saints vs. Eagles Wild Card playoff game is looking about as good as we could have hoped.

Tom Pennington

The Saints and Eagles Wild Card playoff game is still two days away but the weather forecast for South Philadelphia on Saturday night is currently looking good for the Saints. As good as we could hope, anyway.

At the time of kickoff at 8:10 pm EST in Lincoln Financial Field the temperature is expected to be 27 degrees. That's cold; definitely would have helped if this was a day game. But it could definitely be worse.

The best news is that there is only a 10% chance of precipitation, which basically is a guarantee that it won't rain and it won't snow. We know the Saints, that's crucial. High five!

As an added bonus, winds are only expected to be 4 mph. Hey, I'll take it.

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