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Jimmy Graham and Zach Strief on 2013 All-Value Team

Both players are free agents this off-season and will demand larger contracts this spring. Will the Saints pay up?

Jeff Gross

Yesterday spotrac released their 2013 NFL All-Value Team. Here <-----Click. As the name would imply it's a roster made up of the best value player at each position for both the AFC and NFC conferences.

How is value determined? Glad you asked. I'll let them explain:

Our selections were based on cash compensation in 2013 (not cap figures), and positional rankings from Pro Football Focus.

As it turns out, there are two Saints players on their NFC All-Value team: Jimmy Graham and Zach Strief. Yay! Way to go! They didn't cost our team a lot of money and they still played well!

But hold on a minute guys. Graham and Strief are both free agents this off-season. Good timing for them, bad timing for Tom Benson's wallet. In the NFL "good value" also means "underpaid" so we can reasonably expect they're both going to try and cash in this spring.

In Jimmy Graham's case that probably means a drawn out franchise tag battle, but we already know all about that. Streif's situation is way more iffy. It's very likely he could leave for greener pastures (pun intended) if and when another team makes him a nice offer. Will the Saints match? Because they don't have a history of overpaying their tackles. Would Strief give the Saints a hometown discount? Possibly not, considering this is almost definitely Zach's last NFL contract and last chance to set himself up financially for future.

S**t's about to get real up in here.