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Richard Sherman and Darren Sharper Bad Boys Edition: Podcast

The guys discuss the AFC and NFC Championship games, Richard Sherman's antics, Darren Sharpers legal troubles and a Broncos vs. Seahawks Super Bowl. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

It's the beginning of the off-season so the boys talk about Seattle-Denver Super Bowl. Kevin melts down and announces he did not watch one second of the NFC Championship. Dave thinks we won't ever have a cold weather Super Bowl again. What would you rather happen, Seattle lose or Super Bowl is weather disaster?

Should we really be outraged about Richard Sherman?

Does Darren Sharper getting arrested on rape charges taint your memories of 2009?

Rob Ryan not getting coaching interview is bull$^&&!

Oh, and Kevin tries to get some attention from women.

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language