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Could Carl Nicks Return to the Saints?

The injury-plagued guard is a likely candidate to be released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this off-season. Would the Saints consider re-signing their former All-Pro draft pick and would it be worth it?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Carl Nicks is set to make a base salary of $7 million next season, part of the five-year, $47.5 million contract he signed with the team in 2012. But since signing that contract he's only played in nine games for the Bucs, thanks to a painful toe injury and subsequent bouts with MRSA.

All of this makes Nicks a likely candidate to be released this off-season, especially considering the Bucs have a new head coach in Lovie Smith. Which begs the question: would the Saints ever consider bringing Carl Nicks back?

If you'll remember, the Saints basically let Nicks walk in 2012. They didn't use the franchise tag and made only a "reasonable" offer while Nicks was looking to become the highest paid guard in the league. At the time, the Saints were cash strapped and simply couldn't or wouldn't match the Tampa offer that Nicks would eventually sign.

Of course Nicks could agree to restructure his contract if both he and team are willing to go that route. If not, however, he'll hit the open market and likely won't command much money with all of the current questions surrounding his health.

If that's the case, should the Saints kick the tires on their former All-Pro guard? Obviously it's a question of whether he is going to be healthy enough and whether his price tag will be right given those injury concerns?

What do you think, Saints fans?