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2014 NFL Playoffs: What's In A Seed?

Worried about the sixth-seeded Saints going to big, bad top-seeded Seattle for the next game? A closer look at how the #1 and #6 seeds have fared in the Divisional Round of the playoffs over the last five years may give you reason to believe!

Saints won their Wild Card, chump. See you Saturday?
Saints won their Wild Card, chump. See you Saturday?
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the #6 seed New Orleans Saints will play the #1 seed Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round of the 2014 NFL Playoffs. That seed differential may plant some fear or doubt in your minds, but I'm here to put you at ease.

After doing some research on recent playoff results (via Wikipedia), I've learned a couple of things that may help you join me in learning to stop worrying and love the "seedology".

Over the last five years:

  • #1 seeds have gone 4-6 overall in playoff openers.
  • #6 seeds have gone 4-1 when they make the Divisional Round.

With the seedology being what it is for this Saints and Seahawks matchup, what I'm telling you is, "There's a chance." And that's all they're going to need. The 2013 Bountyfarce Revenge Tour rolls on...

In case you're wondering exactly how it breaks down, check the table below.

(Winners are in bold.)





#1 Tennessee Titans 10

#6 Baltimore Ravens 13

#1 New York Giants 11

#6 Philadelphia Eagles 23


#1 Indianapolis Colts 20

#6 Baltimore Ravens 3

#1 New Orleans Saints 45

#4 Arizona Cardinals 14


#1 New England Patriots 21

#6 New York Jets 28

#1 Atlanta Falcons 21

#6 Green Bay Packers 48


#1 New England Patriots 45

#4 Denver Broncos 10

#1 Green Bay Packers 20

#4 New York Giants 37


#1 Denver Broncos 35

#4 Baltimore Ravens 38

#1 Atlanta Falcons 30

#5 Seattle Seahawks 28


#1 Denver Broncos ??

#6 San Diego Chargers ??

#1 Seattle Seahawks ??

#6 New Orleans Saints ??

And there you have it! What do you think about them apples? My apples? Do you see any other apples that merit discussion? What are your core beliefs about this post?

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