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Saints vs. Seahawks NFL Divisional Playoff Weather Forecast

Cold weather shouldn't be a problem for the Saints in their Divisional playoff game against the Seahawks in Seattle's CenturyLink Field but wind and rain might be a factor for the team.

Jonathan Ferrey

The Saints and Seahawks Divisional playoff game is still five days away but the weather forecast for Seattle on Saturday night isn't looking ideal for the Saints. Not completely, anyway.

Thankfully this is a day game. At the time of kickoff at 1:35 pm PST in CenturyLink Field the temperature is expected to be 44 degrees. That's really not bad, moderate in fact; significantly warmer than it was this past weekend when the Saints beat the Eagles. That's the good news.

The bad news is that there is a 66% chance of rain, which basically means it's definitely going to rain for at least some portion of the game. Not ideal for a passing team like the Saints. Fortunately, their new-found dedication for running the ball may actually offset the precipitation.

Making matters slightly worse is that wind gusts are expected to reach 12 mph out of the SSW. That could also effect the passing game and definitely the kicking game.

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