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2014 Saints Season Has Been "Inadequate"

How would you describe the 2014 Saints season so far if you only had one word?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, I'm gonna give it to you alright, Marshall.

After some serious consideration and further discussion with other Saints fan friends, the one word I've come up withto describe the team after five weeks of the 2014 NFL season would be "inadequate."

Not very positive, I know. But why should it be? The Saints have a 2-3 record at a point when many "experts" and fans alike thought the team would still be a perfect 5-0. The offense and defense have both performed below pre-season expectations. I mean, they lost to Cleveland for crying out loud.

Hopefully this all changes when the Saints return from their bye next week. I would love to be able to choose from a more positive word bank in Week 16. But at this point, we're still talking about a team that everyone considered talented but is officially below .500.

I invite all of you guys to share the one word that you would use to describe the Saints season so far.

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