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CSC Writers Roundtable: Saints Can turn their Season Around

With the New Orleans Saints on their bye week, a panel of our own Canal Street Chronicles writers takes a look at the Black and Gold year so far and looks ahead to the rest of the 2014 season.

Wesley Hitt

As unbelievable as it sounds, the 2014 National Football League season is fast approaching its midpoint. Today, the 2-3 New Orleans Saints will be sitting back, enjoying their bye week and hoping to get some help from the opponents of their NFC South rivals.

With the Saints about to embark on an 11-game marathon to finish the season, we got some of our writers to give us their opinion on New Orleans' slow start to the 2014 season. What was the main reason for the team's sputtering start? Is Rob Ryan solely to blame? Has Sean Payton gone soft?

Another exciting thing to talk about is what we expect the Saints to do the rest of the year. In the mediocre NFC South, New Orleans, despite its 2-3 record, is only one game out of the division lead. Can they turn their season around?

Our writers discuss these topics and the conversation is ongoing, so please check back for more questions, answers and opinions from our CSC bloggers.

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