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Saints vs. Lions Final Score: Video of Rafael Bush's Questionable Pass Interference Call on Reggie Bush

Was the crucial pass interference call on Rafael Bush late in the game warranted?

With just over two minutes remaining in the game and a 6-point lead, the Saints had the Lions on the ropes with 4th and 5. Instead of kicking the field goal and taking the points, the Lions decided to go for the touchdown and the win.

Rafael Bush would end up being called for a questionable pass interference penalty on a short pass to Reggie Bush. Instead of the Saints offense taking over on downs and most likely winning the game, the penalty gave the Lions a fresh set of downs and eventually scored the game-winning touchdown.

Below are two looks at the play. You can see Rafael Bush wrap his right arm slightly around Reggie Bush. What do you think? Is that enough for the call? Or should the ref had swallowed his whistle on such a crucial play late in the game?