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Saints Final Injury Report Versus Buccaneers: Jairus Byrd to IR

Ahead of today's injury report Coach Sean Payton announce that safety Jarius Byrd tore his lateral meniscus.

Jason Miller

As a follow up to the earlier breaking news, I'll give  a little information on the season ending injury to Jairus Byrd.

From Wiki

You can view images at the link provided.

The lateral meniscus (external semilunar fibrocartilage) is a fibrocartilaginous band that spans the lateral side of the interior of the knee joint. It is one of two menisci of the knee, the other being the medial meniscus. It is nearly circular and covers a larger portion of the articular surface than the medial. It can occasionally be injured or torn by twisting the knee or applying direct force, as seen in contact sports.

Clinical significance

The lateral meniscus is less likely to be injured or torn than the medial meniscus. Diagnosis of lateral meniscus tear is done with McMurray's test. If a tear is detected, treatment depends on the type and size of the tear. Small tears can be treated conservatively, with rest, ice, and pain medications until the pain is under control, then exercise may be started with gradually increasing intensity, to improve range of motion and decrease swelling. More severe tears of the lateral meniscus require surgical repair or removal, which can often be done arthroscopically. Swelling and stiffness of the knee can occur when you have a torn lateral meniscus.

Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery on Jairus Byrd, after he sustained the injury during Thursday's practice. Sean Payton said that he had injured it while making a turn during practice yesterday. He also said the Rafael Bush already understood the position and would step into Byrd's role. Not expected to address the 53 man roster at this time. Will just go with 52 for now and have 6 inactive, rather than 7 with 53 on the roster.

Could this be the time to go after kicker Matt Prater who the Broncos released today. Matt Prater broke a long held Saints record by kicking a 64 yard field goal last year, finally displacing Tom Dempsey's 43 year old record. In a sad note, Tom Dempsey announced in 2013 that he was suffering from dementia.

New Orleans Saints Injury Report for Friday:

Did Not Participate

RB Mark Ingram (Hand) - OUT

FB Erik Lorig (Ankle) - OUT

Jairus Byrd (Knee) - OUT


Jonathan Goodwin (Neck) - Probable

DB Corey White (Foot) - Probable

OT Terron Armstead (Concussion) - Probable

Marcus Ball (Hamstring) - Probable


DB Patrick Robinson (Thigh) - Probable

LB David Hawthorne (Ankle) - Probable

LB Curtis Lofton (Shoulder) - Probable

TE Benjamin Watson (Groin) - Probable

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injury Report for Friday:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injury Report for Friday: Did Not Participate DE Larry English (Hamstring) - OUT WR Mike Evans (Groin) - OUT S Dashon Goldson (Ankle) - OUT QB Josh McCown (Right Thumb) - Questionable Limited S Mark Barron (Abdomen) - Questionable DE Michael Johnson (Ankle) - Questionable TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Ankle) - Quetionable LB Mason Foster (Shoulder) - Questionable DT Gerald McCoy (Hand) - Questionable