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Saints vs. Panthers Final Score: Community Roll Call for Saints 28-10 Win Over Carolina

Below are all the stats from our four open threads Thursday night while the Saints were taking care of their 28-10 business over the Panthers on the road. Thanks to all who participated.

Grant Halverson

Mark Ingram ran the ball 30 times - ZOMG! - for an even 100 yards and 2 touchdowns last night in the Saints 28-10 win over the Panthers. And it was a road game! I think this is the start of something good. Something real good. Here's what you guys were saying during the big win in Carolina, and who was saying it. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,198
Total commenters 45
Commenter list Adolpho_Brazil, B_Robichaux31, Beniek, Boltricity, Cajun in CA, CajunStrosFan, Chompski, Dan Kelly, Dang Hu Dat, Drew-Dat, DrunkWino, Drunkamania, Hans Petersen, JR Ella, Johnny BeGood, MooreBreezy, Orgasmatron, Philinwood, Philistine, RobertM320, SaintMerc, SaintShark, SaintSooner, Saintsfan820, Spanish Saint, TAYDIGGA, TComm, The GIF Oracle, TryAndCatchVD, blazin_sess, cajuncommando58, cowhodat, crescendo2020, demeaner, fshabazz, iiAndyiiii, johnmc318, maraman, metryman,, saint_chew, sd3, the new Bradfather, vitzeng, xen-cuts
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 johnmc318 176
2 Hans Petersen 102
3 Saintsfan820 91
4 Johnny BeGood 89
5 fshabazz 85
6 cajuncommando58 83
7 crescendo2020 76
8 the new Bradfather 75
9 metryman 63
10 DrunkWino 45
11 Dang Hu Dat 45
12 Dan Kelly 43
13 blazin_sess 30
14 Cajun in CA 27
15 iiAndyiiii 22
16 Chompski 21
17 Drunkamania 20
18 Adolpho_Brazil 20
19 JR Ella 14
20 saint_chew 8
21 TComm 6
22 Philistine 5
23 MooreBreezy 5
24 Beniek 4
25 RobertM320 4
26 CajunStrosFan 4
27 vitzeng 4
28 4
30 sd3 3
31 SaintSooner 2
32 SaintShark 2
33 cowhodat 2
34 maraman 2
35 Philinwood 2
36 Orgasmatron 2
37 demeaner 1
38 Boltricity 1
39 TryAndCatchVD 1
40 The GIF Oracle 1
41 Drew-Dat 1
42 B_Robichaux31 1
43 xen-cuts 1
44 Spanish Saint 1
45 SaintMerc 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 Cajun in CA It worked last week!
5 johnmc318 [no title]
3 Cajun in CA The post is 2 and 0
2 Dan Kelly [no title]
2 DrunkWino Keep doing that then
2 JR Ella You better bring back the post until they lose again
2 Dang Hu Dat Since you asked...
2 DrunkWino [no title]
2 Dan Kelly lol... I'm messing with you, bro.
2 blazin_sess That ball was airborn too long. Should have been a pick
2 metryman F yeah
2 Dang Hu Dat Lots of wind here. Had refried beans 2 days in a row.
2 DrunkWino Don't confuse defense for offensive ineptitude
1 DrunkWino Drew's more like the mayor
1 johnmc318 Im gonna post this again....
1 cajuncommando58 What's scary...
1 DrunkWino [no title]
1 metryman Need Dat!
1 DrunkWino Now just give the ball to Ingram
1 metryman sack this loser
1 Dang Hu Dat Good D!
1 johnmc318 Our man in the Stands!!!!
1 the new Bradfather that is terrible Cam
1 JR Ella Brees really gets rattled on the road
1 metryman Alright, Alright, Alright...Who Dat!!!!!!!!!
1 JR Ella Whaddup Peeps???
1 DrunkWino Sooooo yeah, Ingram gets the ball the next twenty offensive plays
1 metryman not unaware
1 RobertM320 Never, ever did I expect to read ^^this^^ on CSC
1 Dang Hu Dat And if you are, just say "No" to motorcycle rides.
1 Johnny BeGood To be honest
1 johnmc318 Guess Morested will finally have to go to work
1 fshabazz GREAT DEFENSE!!!!!!!
1 Dang Hu Dat Way too early to give up.
1 johnmc318 [no title]
1 TComm A Louisville win along with a Saints win
1 Hans Petersen settle down, Saints
1 johnmc318 WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 crescendo2020 Nice.
1 cajuncommando58 Ingram #UP THE GUT again for the 1st!
1 Adolpho_Brazil Corey two straight games with interceptions and Ingram two straight games running for 100+
1 blazin_sess Can Ingram break one and get 100 yards on the day?
1 JR Ella Since I started doing the "Live from Twitter" feature, two wins in a row
1 DrunkWino A 3.1 average?!?
1 DrunkWino Hey Newton
1 Dan Kelly [no title]
1 metryman 1st Place Saints
1 DrunkWino Hey NFL Network
1 Saintsfan820 WE ARE #1
1 Hans Petersen Saints decline to send player to get interviewed so we get an infomercial for their original programming as a post-game show
1 SaintSooner Okay, forget the beer.
1 the new Bradfather kudos friends
1 Dan Kelly LOL!!! Jimmy fakes out Harper.
1 JR Ella Corey White has clearly made some kinda ddeal with the devil
1 Dan Kelly [no title]
1 the new Bradfather since I watch Peyton every week, you can see the drop-off from inferior signal-callers, easily
1 crescendo2020 There we go!
1 Cajun in CA Did you know
1 cajuncommando58 I did!
1 johnmc318 [no title]
1 Dan Kelly KABOOM!
1 metryman don't hand it to Lorig
1 crescendo2020 Agreed.
1 fshabazz NOW we gotta score at least 3!
1 metryman Shout out to Zip....Man on the Scene...too cool
1 johnmc318 BRB.. gotta get a smoke and my jersey!!!!!
1 DrunkWino set up the pass?
1 crescendo2020 Why is he so easily scrambling?
1 johnmc318 Should be great for our award winning kicker....
1 johnmc318 ZIPCODE on Location tonight!!!!!!
1 Johnny BeGood BRILLIANT!
1 DrunkWino Hey Saints? Tired of screwing around yet?
1 cajuncommando58 Except when it works of course!
1 Dan Kelly STOP RUNNING IT UP THE G** D***, M***** F***ING GUT!!!!!!!
1 Johnny BeGood Is it just me
1 Saintsfan820 YUP AMAZING ISN'T IT
1 Johnny BeGood Just realized
1 Dang Hu Dat Rec whore! (but I think you're on to something here, Cajun). Rec'd!
1 Dang Hu Dat Reminds me, goata put on my lucky MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS shirt (bitches!).
1 blazin_sess Wow. UOfL should pull this off. I'm 30 min from the ville.
1 johnmc318 TNF
1 johnmc318 Which reminds me
1 johnmc318 Not the Superdome so not a surprise
1 Philinwood Brees forced it to a receiver that was covered
1 the new Bradfather the ball was tipped, it can't be PI...
1 TComm Game on!
1 Philinwood this is exactly why Saints lose on the road
1 johnmc318 And frankly I DONT CARE!!!!!
1 Cajun in CA Thanks Lorig
1 johnmc318 Me and Hans must be good teachers lol
1 Dang Hu Dat Freak INT.
1 blazin_sess Yeah buddy.
1 Hans Petersen it's pointless to um point this out
1 johnmc318 Damn post fail
1 Chompski I'm eating my words on him.
1 Saintsfan820 HUSH its nice here tonight
1 Saintsfan820 mine will join ya if we don't score on this drive
1 Dang Hu Dat He's probably watching FSU-Louisville for now. Very exciting 0-0 game thus far.
1 Dang Hu Dat Alright. Got it on now. We got this!
1 Dang Hu Dat Your MS State shirt?
1 johnmc318 WHO DO YOU THINK??? WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Dang Hu Dat Nice sentiment, but there's no shutting up the doubters (heavy sigh).
1 Dang Hu Dat Game night, met! 'Bout f****** time! Been waiting all week for Thursday night!
1 johnmc318 Mine is on too!!!
1 Dang Hu Dat Geaux Saints!
1 johnmc318 Report from ZIP
1 johnmc318 Tell them Ralph!!!
1 Hans Petersen Cards putting together a bit of a drive here!!
1 cajuncommando58 Cooks with another 1st down catch.
1 Saintsfan820 Nice Catch Stills move those chains!
1 Adolpho_Brazil We need a 3 possession lead for the 4th quarter.
1 crescendo2020 By the way.
1 Johnny BeGood Superb Owl
1 johnmc318 We go live to BofA Stadium with our man ZIP
1 crescendo2020 Yes!
1 Johnny BeGood scambler*
1 Dang Hu Dat Whew dat! TD!
1 Saintsfan820 WHAT HAPPENED I muted the tv and refused to watcch
1 johnmc318 And here we go with the double posts...